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By Eshxn
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By Eshxn
Halloween is now upon us and it is time to celebrate Basically Beheaded Benjamin's Deathday Party with all his ghost friends! Head down to the Ghost Ballroom and enjoy the party! The party will remain in the Ghost Ballroom until November 11th.

Scavenger Hunt
Introduce yourself to each of Benjamin's friends. They're all looking for a specific item from their past within the castle grounds. If you find their items, you get to keep them!

There are two Halloween themed games available, accessible via Kevin in the Ghost Ballroom. All active Potterworld Minigames will also reward Boo Bucks for the duration of the event!

Skin Competition
To celebrate Halloween, the Media Team is hosting a skin competition! So bring forth your best skin creation skills and participate. Create a custom skin that fits either category. You are allowed to choose a Potterworld hat with your creation. Your submitted...
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Check your token balance in-game by doing '/bal'.

Voting Tokens can be exchanged in Room 243-00, which is the small tower located to the left of the Great Hall.